Parkside Dundas

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BR 12 Ton Insulated Fish Van
  This well known vehicle stemmed from the final LNER fish van design. BR built over 1,0..
BR 12 Ton Pipe Wagon
  800 of these wagons were built between 1949 and 1954, to an LMS design, to carry iron ..
Parkside Dundas PA27 15 Pr Coupling Blocks
Brand: Parkside Dundas Part Number: PA27 ..
Parkside Dundas PA34 Mounting Blocks for Bachmann 36-027 (10)
Brand: Parkside Dundas Part Number: PA34 ..
Parkside Dundas PA35 BR 10ft LNER Pattern Clasp Brake Shoes
Parkside Models PS110 SR Insulated Van Kit
Brand: Parkside Models Part Number: PS110 ..
Parkside Models PS30 BR 16t Mineral Wagon Kit - O Gauge
This was the definitive BR standard mineral wagon produced in vast quantities during the 1950s an..
Peco Parkside PN07 N Scale 12ton Pipe Wagon Kit
Peco Parkside PN08 N Scale 20ton SR Sleeper Wagon
BR 13 Ton Medium Goods Wagon - Steel Body
  4,000 of these wgons were built in 1950-55 to carry such loads as farm machinery and c..
BR 16 Ton Mineral Wagon (French Type)
  Built 1945/46 to relieve war damage on the French railways, they were repatiated in 19..
BR 16 Ton Mineral Wagon (Slope Sides)
  About 1,900 of these wagons worked on the French railways after the War. After they we..
BR 16 Ton Mineral Wagon (Vacuum Fitted)
  This kit represents a vacuum brake fitted version on the standard BR mineral wagon. ..
BR 16 Ton Riveted Body Mineral Wagon (Non Vacuum Fitted)
  Well over 21,000 of these wagons were built from 1951-59. With a riveted body, some ha..
Parkside Models PC03 BR 21 Ton Coal Wagon Kit  - OO Scale
  This was the first BR high capacity coal wagon, being introduced in 1951, coming from ..
BR 21 Ton Mineral Wagon: Rebuilt 1977
  This model represents the final stage of development of the traditional British minera..
BR 21 Ton Rebodied Hopper (Vac. Brake)
  In the 1970's BR started to put new bodies on some of the older hopper wagons built i..
BR 22 Ton Tube Wagon (Diag. 1/447)
  2350 of these wagons were built between 1954 and 1961 to BR's own design to carry stee..
LNER 12 Ton Plywood Goods Van (Diag. 195) BR Condition
  These wagons were built by the LNER from the end of the Second World War. 3,250 were c..
Ratio PC86 GWR 10 Ton Gunpowder Van Kit  Z2 -  OO Gauge
These gunpowder vans were built between 1913 and 1926 to carry gunpowder and other explosives. Th..
LNER Bulk Grain Van 1931
  These wagons were based on a GWR design, and at first they worked only from Hull Docks..
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