Track Laying Aids and Accessories

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Dapol B800 Motorised Track Cleaning Wagon - OO Gauge (Requires loco to haul)
Loco hauled track cleaner which can be used to hoover up dust and dirt from the railway or by att..
DCC Concepts DCR-FWT Phosphor Bronze Wire 0.3mm (10) in Teflon Tube 250mm
10x 250mm lengths of Fine (0.3mm) phosphor bronze wire and TEFLON tubing for extremely subtle dis..
Expo Tools 751-10 2mm Pin Pusher
751-10 EXPO High Quality Pin Pusher. 2mm - for fine model railway track pins & modelling pi..
Gaugemaster GM200 OO/HO Gauge Ballasted Underlay - Grey (Flexible 5m Roll)
5 Meters (16ft approx) of foam underlay with granite ballast bonded to the foam. Very flexible an..
Gaugemaster GM26 Small Track Rubber (50 x 25 x 20mm)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM26 ..
Gaugemaster GM37 OO Scale Axle Hung Track Cleaning Pads (3)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM37 ..
Gaugemaster GM66 Track Pins - 10mm Hornby Style (500)
Short track pins for securing track to baseboards, 10mm length. ..
Golden Valley GVDOO OO Gauge Dougal Ballast Smoother
Golden Valley Hobbies GVFTOO OO Scale Flexi Track Tool (Pair)
Hornby R617 Uncoupling Ramp - OO Scale
Spring-loaded ramp clips into straight track at the position you choose, and automatically lifts ..
Hornby R8242 OO Gauge Digital Power Connecting Clip
Peco IL-120 Conductor Rail Chairs for Code 60 Rail (100)
Brand: Peco Part Number: IL-120 ..
Peco PL-41 Rail Cleaner Rubber
An abrasive rubber block for burnishing the rail surface. Ensures good electrical contact. ..
Peco SL-11 OO Gauge Insulating Rail Joiners
  Brand: Peco Part Number: SL-11 ..
Peco SL-111 OO/HO Fine Scale Code 75 Insulating Rail Joiners
Peco SL-14 Track Fixing Pins (14mm length - mainly for N Scale)
Brand: Peco Part Number: SL-14 ..
Peco SL-36 OO Gauge 6' Way Gauge
Peco SL-42 OO Gauge Buffer Stops Hydraulic Type (2 items)
SL-42 Peco OO Buffer Stops Hydraulic Type x 2 ..
Peco SL-43 OO / HO Scale Loco Lift and Storage Unit
Loco Lift and Storage Unit Kit. This easily assembled 5 part kit is designed primarily for use in..
Track Cleaning Fluid (IPA)
IPA Rack Cleaning Fluid. Add to a lint free cloth and watch as the dirt lifts from the track...
Tracksetta OOT10 Track Laying Tool 10" 254mm - Straight - OO Gauge
Brand: Tracksetta Part Number: OOT10 ..
Tracksetta OOT18 Track Laying Tool 18" OO 457mm Radius
Brand: Tracksetta Part Number: OOT18 ..
Tracksetta OOT30 OO Scale Track Laying Tool 30"
Brand: Tracksetta Part Number: OOT30 ..
Tracksetta OOT36 OO Scale Track Laying Tool 36" - 915mm Radius
Brand: Tracksetta Part Number: OOT36 ..
Tracksetta OOT42 OO Gauge Track Laying Tool 42" radius
Brand: Tracksetta Part Number: OOT42 ..
Tracksetta OOT48 OO Gauge Track Laying Tool 48" / 1219mm Radius
Brand: Tracksetta Part Number: OOT48 ..
Tracksetta OOT60 OO Scale Track Laying Tool 60" / 1524mm Radius
Brand: Tracksetta Part Number: OOT60 ..
Woodland Scenics ST1474 OO Gauge Track Bed 24ft
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