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BLOCK Signalling CDU2C Capacitor Discharge Unit
DCC Concepts DCP-CB6IP COBALT ip Slow Action Analogue Point Motor (6 Pack)
Introducing Cobalt-iP Analog – Cobalt-iP Analog is a new Cobalt product that takes the very best ..
Gaugemaster BPPM10 Classic Point Motor (5 Pack)
This Point Motor has been created to work with the leading brands of track in the United Kingdom...
Gaugemaster CDU Capacitor Discharge Unit
For operating heavy duty point motors.  The unit stores up power in capa..
Gaugemaster DCC80 DCC Autofrog Polarity Switch
The DCC80 Autofrog is a simple switch that automatically changes the frog polarity on your DCC la..
Gaugemaster GMC-PM10D Classic Solenoid Point Motor (DCC-Fitted)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GMC-PM10D ..
Gaugemaster GMC-PM20D Surface Mounted Point Motor (DCC-Fitted)
Designed with easy installation in mind, PM20D is placed parallel to your point-work and operates..
Gaugemaster PCU2 Slave Point Control Unit for PCU1  ** Pre-owned bargain - never used **
Slave Point Control Unit for use with most Gauges ..
Gaugemaster PM-1 Seep Point Motor with Built-In Switch
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: PM-1 ..
Gaugemaster PM-2 Seep Point Motor No Switch
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: PM-2 ..
Gaugemaster PM-4 Seep Point Motor with Latching Mechanism
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: PM-4 ..
Gaugemaster PM51 Point Motor Triple Wire (Red / Green / Black) - 10metres
10m of Red/Green/Black tripled wire. Ideal for model railway point motor use and helpful when try..
Hornby R044 Lever Switch Passing Contact Black
R044 Hornby Lever Switch Passing Contact Black ..
Kato 24-840 Unitrack Turnout Control Switch
M.R.S Seep Point Motor Mounts (5) - 9mm thickness
Model Railway Solutions  (MRSSPMM9) Seep Point Motor Mounts (5) - 9mm  ..
MRS Seep Point Motor Mounts (5) - 6mm thickness
Peco PL-10 Turnout Motor Switch Machine
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-10 ..
Peco PL-10E Point Motor with extended drive pin
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-10E ..
Peco PL-11 Point Motor (Side / Surface Mounted)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-11 ..
Peco PL-12 Adaptor Base - for Peco Switch Machine
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-12 ..
Peco PL-13 Accessory Switch for fitting to turnout motor
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-13 ..
Peco PL-15 Pecolectrics Twin Microswitch Kit for Turnout Motors
Peco PL-26B Point Switch Black (Passing Contact for Turnout Motors)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-26B ..
Peco PL-26W Point Switch White (Passing contact for point motors)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-26W ..
Peco PL-26Y Point Switch Yellow (Passing contact type)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-26Y ..
Peco PL-27 Console Switch Unit
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-27 ..
Peco PL-28 Switch Mounting Plates (6)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-28 ..
R047 Hornby Lever Switch On-Off Green
Conventional on/off switch for R618 double-isolating track. Supplied with connecting wires. ..
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