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Bachmann 36-564 Bachmann 8 Pin Decoder Socket With Harness x1
Bachmann 36-602 OO Gauge Code 100 Set Track Power Clip
Bachmann 36-611 Power Clip Connector With Cable
Bachmann Power Clip Connector With Cable ..
DCC Concepts Cobalt AD-8fx - 8 Way Accessory Decoder
AD-8fx is a high performance high feature level 8-output DCC accessory decoder with reversing DC ..
Gaugemaster DCC40 Prodigy Auto Reverse Loop Module
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: DCC40 ..
Gaugemaster DCC52 Prodigy Wireless Receiver (Suitable for N, OO, HO use)
The DCC52 can be used to replace lost or damaged receivers from our DCC51 Wireless conv..
Gaugemaster GM397 KwiKonnect 2 Pin (8pcs)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM397 ..
Gaugemaster GM399 KwiKonnect 12 Pin (1pc)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM399 ..
Gaugemaster GM40 AC to DC Rectifier 1.5amp
Gaugemaster GM500 Universal Relay Switch
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM500 ..
Gaugemaster GM56 Buffer Stop Lights - OO Scale (2)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM56 ..
Gaugemaster GM71 Grain of Wheat Bulbs 12 volt - White (Pk of 5)
Gaugemaster GM71 Grain of Wheat Bulbs - White (Pk of 5) ..
Gaugemaster GM75 PS6 6-Way Din Plug/Socket
Gaugemaster GM86 Small Magnets (10) (7 x 5 x 2mm)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM86 ..
Gaugemaster GM87 Medium Magnets (10) (13 x 6 x 2mm)
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM87 ..
Gaugemaster GM99 Reed Switches (10) - also includes 5 magnets
Gaugemaster SS-1 Super Shuttle Unit
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: SS-1 ..
Gaugemaster SS-2 Station Stop Unit
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: SS-2 ..
Gaugemaster TLU Tensionlock Uncoupler - OO / HO Gauge
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: TLU ..
Brand: Gaugemaster Part Number: GM58 ..
Graham Farish 379-428 6 Pin Decoder Straight Blanking Plug (5)
Brand: Graham Farish Part Number: 379-428 ..
Hornby R044 Lever Switch Passing Contact Black
R044 Hornby Lever Switch Passing Contact Black ..
Hornby R046 Lever Switch On / On (Yellow)
Designed to divert power from one circuit to another - eg. with R406 coloured light signals to sw..
Kato 24-851 Unitrack Power Direction Control Switch
M.R.S Grain of Wheat Bulbs - Various (Pk 5)
Grain Of Wheat Bulbs Pack of 5 Available in Red / Blue / White / Green / Yellow Overall l..
M.R.S Seep Point Motor Mounts (5) - 9mm thickness
Model Railway Solutions  (MRSSPMM9) Seep Point Motor Mounts (5) - 9mm  ..
Marklin 72090 Distribution Strip
Brand: Marklin Part Number: 72090 ..
Can be used to give a warm orange firebox glow in your locomotive, DC or DCC, resistor included. ..
MRS Insulation Tape in various colours (8metres x 17mm)
8 mtrs Insulation Tape. Available in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green ..
MRS Seep Point Motor Mounts (5) - 6mm thickness
MRS Solder Wire (5mtrs)
5 mtr length of top grade universal solder wire. ..
Peco Lectrics PL-18 Studs and Tags (25) - For Mimic Diagram Type Control Panels
Peco PL-23 On/On Switch Green
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-23 ..
Peco PL-26B Point Switch Black (Passing Contact for Turnout Motors)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-26B ..
Peco PL-26R Point Switch Red (Passing Contact for contact switches)
Provides the short burst of current needed to operate the PL-10 Turnout Motor. May be ganged usin..
Peco PL-26W Point Switch White (Passing contact for point motors)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-26W ..
Peco PL-26Y Point Switch Yellow (Passing contact type)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-26Y ..
Peco PL-27 Console Switch Unit
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-27 ..
Peco PL-29 1/4 Watt, 1000 Ohm Resistors X10 for use with PL-30 LED'S
If using LEDs for any other application on the layout that doesn't involve SmartSwitch, then thes..
Peco PL-31 Connectors/Shrouds
Peco PL-33 Microswitch (Open Type)
Peco PL-34 Wiring Harness for PL-10/PL-10E (2 per pack)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-34 ..
Peco PL-50 Switch Modules with End Caps (3)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-50 ..
Peco PL-51 Extra Switch Modules
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-51 ..
Peco PL-71 Pecolectrics Servicing Kit
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-71 ..
Peco PL-80 Power Feed Joiners Code 100/124 (4 pairs)
Brand: Peco Part Number: PL-80 ..
Peco PL-82 Power Feed Joiners Code 55/80 (N Gauge)
Peco PL-82 Power Feed Joiners Code 55/80 ..
Peco ST-9 Power Connecting Clips x 4 (N Gauge)
R047 Hornby Lever Switch On-Off Green
Conventional on/off switch for R618 double-isolating track. Supplied with connecting wires. ..
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